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Michael Avenatti run for president
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 7:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

real-human wrote:
nw30 wrote:
real-human wrote:
nw30 wrote:
He was the darling of CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, and xxx, and now he's going up the river which could be for the rest of his life, he still has two more serious cases coming up in court.
And what's even funnier, the other darling of that same group, Jussie Smollett, may be joining him.
Some people and groups are just terrible at picking their heroes, a symptom of pure desperation.

again why do you hate avernatti,

A better question, why do you still love Avenatti?
Not only did he stiff your poster girl Stormy Daniels, a crime that he still has to answer to in court, but also stiffing a paraplegic for which he is also charged with the same crime, as well as multiple counts of embezzlement and tax evasion.
He's gone for life. Be proud!

Why is he a great person, well he took on the criminal in chief of the usa who did not win the presidency? Against all odds he brought the truth out about the criminality involved to steal the presidency. He apparently did this while being broke. That is a profile in courage taking on a so-called billionaire that is backed by russians and KKK, militia, gun fanatic people. He deserves a pardon and a presidential medal of freedom for which he stands. Again if he had not done this cohen would not have been arrested and in jail and turned on the traitor trump and spilled more criminal activity on trump. That was first hand. Note that Barr has not charged Cohen or Stormy with lying perjury of false testimony to congress once he came clean. Not one charge to them.

what he did after that is not to be commended but when being attacked by the president, the injustice department the most corrupt justice department in the recent history of the usa. and his hit men and your life is being threatened on a hourly basis well I do not know what he had to endure.

So exactly why did you and the right-wing hate him and send him death threats before he had even committed a crime to save his life.

Are you saying a person when hearing of criminal activity by a so-called fake president should not take a case for a person?

again even right-wing police were willing to falsly imprison Stormy to stop the truth from being heard. Why? why do right wingers love hate so much, those officers should be in jail.

come on right wingers prove i was wrong, show me how this was not just pure hate from the get go and he should not get a medal of freedom for going after the illegitimate president of the USA which he as I said apparently did this as a poor person.

Before he broke any laws apparently.... the right wing were sending death threats to him and his client, the right wing were involved in criminal imprisonment and the right wing enjoyed the death threads of him and his client for no reason. Because it was the truth the il-legitimate president and his campaign new he did did break the law to get elected. They lied about his adultry and harmed her reputation with malace to allow death threats to both of them.

This is a profile in courage.

again because of thiis broke attorney beliving that his clients story should be represented and heard by the american public to give her justice. Yes you right wingers hate the truth and justice and will falsely imprison and hate them including death threats. is how much you hate freedom of speech.

Again this is what caused trumps, long time attorney, to get caught because he was involved in the payoff and it showed he lied to congress before. And once his home wand such were raided the evidence was found on so many crimes Cohen was involved in for trump.

So exactly why were you upset that Cohen's home was invaded and searched for evidence, and why were you so upset when this evidence was released? And then why were so mad Cohen then came clean on trumps crimes spanning decades? again then trump goes with your hate of threatening Cohens family.

Your hate is on this forum and shown by your comments here on Stormy, who admitting committing adultery with your pedophile whore. No lawsuit against her by trump or Barr for lying because she is telling the truth.

come on you cowards show me how my take is not accurate. All this occurred before he broke a law. and did he break the law because of the was it 100s of death threats by the right-wingers who do take action on their hate. and your action takers become heroes to your party, like McVeigh.

Now just in one of trumps businesses he conned/defrauded how may people 1000s with false claims, and trump was fined what 26 million dollars... Trump even paid off a attorney general of a state to stop one state from putting him in jail.

when good people stay silent the right wing are the only ones heard.
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