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1. How do I read the Radar Map?
2. How can I change my password and/or my email address?
3. Why do I have problems browsing this website when using Google Web Accelerator?
4. Can I get wind data on my cellphone / PDA?
5. Where / How do I login to the website?
6. What are some common Login problems?
7. What's the myiW / myiK / My Sailflow page?
8. Can I browse and post classified ads in the Buy / Sell section?
9. How do I set up Wind Alerts?
10. Why are Wind Alerts sometimes delayed in getting to me?
11. Why am I not receiving Wind Alerts on my cellphone?
12. Does the website use cookie technology?
13. Why do I need to log in every time? Cookie not recognized?
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1. How do I read the Radar Map?

When browsing on the Wind and Forecast tabs, for most regions you will see left-nav links for "Radar Map". Rain and cloud cover strongly affect the winds. In the case of rain, it introduces high variability (craziness) into the wind field; it may jack the winds or crash them. In the case of clouds, they’ll have a dramatic affect on solar energy driving a thermal (i.e. summer clouds can kill an otherwise great day).

The Radar Map satellite imagery is rather self-explanatory: it shows you where the clouds are. In the case of the RADAR image, the degree of precipitation is displayed by the intensity of color: the heavier the rain, the more intense the color. By the time you are up in the orange and red ranges, lightning is of far greater concern than a good sesh trashed by rain.

Precipitation key:
Light green = light rain
Dark green = moderate
Yellow = Heavy
Orange = Very heavy – lightning likely
Red = Severe – lightning ground strikes likely

More About NEXRAD and Meteorology:

These RADAR pictures are NEXRAD images, short for NEXt generation RADar. RADAR works by transmitting a signal and then 'listening' for return signals that are reflected and scattered from precipitation and other atmospheric phenomena. Since the signal propagates through the air at a known velocity, the distance of the 'target' can easily be deduced. Also, the amount of reflectivity tells us about the type of 'target' reflecting the signal. In the case of NEXRAD, the more water in the target, the greater the reflection.

The colors on the map refer to the amount of reflectivity. Light rain will have much less reflectivity than heavy rain. Very light precipitation is depicted as light green, turning to darker green, orange and red as it becomes heavier.

Sometimes the image may show some light greens filtering across your area, but one look out of the window tells you that it's not raining yet. Look underneath the clouds for virga, the telltale streaks of light rain. The RADAR is correct: rain is present but evaporating before it reaches the ground.

As a cold front approaches you may see cells of thunderstorms forming a band running out ahead of the front, sometimes for great distances. The radar will be extremely effective in depicting the reds and oranges of the centers of convective activity in amongst the greens everywhere else. This is particularly useful in predicting where the strongest gusts ahead of these cells will occur.

On high-pressure days, when there is no precipitation in the vicinity, the NEXRAD will switch to 'Clear Air Mode'. This is much more sensitive and you may see rings of ground clutter around the radar's location. Other atmospheric effects and/or false echoes may show up in this mode. However, as soon as any precipitation is detected the NEXRAD automatically switches back to 'Precipitation Mode'.

2. How can I change my password and/or my email address?

Click on the "myAccount" link, which is located at the top of each of the pages on our website(s) when you are logged in. Then, follow the links in the left column.

Change Password

3. Why do I have problems browsing this website when using Google Web Accelerator?

Duplicate Sessions : When using Google Web Accelerator, it essentially logs in to our website from the Google servers using your username and password while you are also logged in from your computer. This "tricks" our system into believing your account has been compromised due to the multiple logins from many different locations.

Strange Behavior : Google is essentially clicking every link on every page you visit — including links like delete this or cancel that. And to make matters worse, Google ignores the Javascript confirmations. So, if you have a Are you sure you want to disable your Wind Alerts? Javascript confirmation behind that disable link, Google ignores it and performs the action anyway.

Recommendation : We highly recommend that you either uninstall the web accelerator or add our websites to the list of websites to not accelerate to prevent it from interfering with your use of our websites.

4. Can I get wind data on my cellphone / PDA?

Yes, see the FAQ section on Wireless Web -- the best way to get wind info on your cellphone!

5. Where / How do I login to the website?

If you are new user, simply click the "Login" link located within the horizontal gray bar at top of page.

If you are a return user, your username and password may be recognized automatically through your web browser via cookie technology. To reset and log-off completely, simply hit the "Logoff" link located in the gray bar at the top of the page (visible when you are logged in).

6. What are some common Login problems?

Some things to keep in mind:
1. If you access our website(s) from multiple computers, such as from your home and from work, be sure to log off each time you finish your session. Also make sure that you do not give your password to any other person. If logins occur from two seperate computers at two different IP addresses within 20 minutes, a duplicate login event will be logged. Every 5th duplicate login, the system automatically generates a new password and emails it to the email address on record for the member. We do need to protect against widespread password sharing. And, this system will not cause problems for any member using their own password as long as they log off after each session. (NOTE: be sure to always keep your email address up to date by using your myAccount page!)

2. Make sure that the time and date on your computer are set properly. We sometimes receive emails dated 1492, 1888, etc. We understand that wind was probably good in those days, but we don't generally receive too many emails truly sent over 500 years ago...

3. Be sure to type in your username and password exactly as they were assigned. Usernames and passwords are NOT case-sensitive, so uppercase / lowercase characters do not matter.

7. What's the myiW / myiK / My Sailflow page?

Members get access to their own customizable home page. On iWindsurf.com it's called "myiW", on iKitesurf.com it's called "myiK", and on Sailflow it's called "My Sailflow". You can place all your favorite wind sensors, maps, and forecasts onto one page for quick reference. To setup your custom homepage:
- Click the "Edit myiW content" or the "Add / Remove / Edit" links next to the section headers
- Choose your region of interest
- Check the maps and site products you wish to view on your home page
- Click save changes

The arrangement of the maps can be changed by clicking Up Arrow or Down Arrow arrows. Click on the "Up" or "Down" links to change the order of the product sections.

8. Can I browse and post classified ads in the Buy / Sell section?

You can post and browse classified ads by clicking on the BUY / SELL tab.

Please keep the following items in mind regarding posting classified ads on this website:
1) You must log in to the Classifieds system for each new ad that you want to post. This is a security feature.
2) You may get the "Duplicate Ad" warning message when you go to post your classified ad. This is another security feature designed to prevent spammers from canvassing the classifieds section with annoying ads - the system won't let the same username post more than one ad with an identical "description." That includes blank descriptions (if you do not always enter a description when posting a classified ad on iW / iK, you may see this error message for this reason).

9. How do I set up Wind Alerts?

A Wind Alert is a way to alert you when wind conditions meet your specified thresholds. There are three types of devices that can receive Wind Alerts: email, mobile and desktop. FX and Wireless Web members have access to email and mobile Wind Alerts. All registered members have access to desktop Wind Alerts (desktop alerts require installing and running Desktop Wind.

There are two ways to set up Wind Alerts:

1. From our website. First, navigate to the graph page for the spot for which you want to set up a wind alert. Next, click the "Wind Alert" link in the left-hand menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Desktop Wind. After installing and running download Desktop Wind on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, log in and add favorites by searching for spots and clicking the "add to favorites" button. Then, from the detail graph page in Desktop Wind, click the "configure wind alert" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

10. Why are Wind Alerts sometimes delayed in getting to me?

Email delivery times on the world wide web can be affected by several things. Mail server and mail relay load, (our's, your provider's, anyone's) can delay mail delivery. Network congestion can delay email for long periods of time (often for several hours or even days), or can even result in undeliverable email. Basically, email is not a reliable way of sending time-sensitive data. If you want the most timely and up to date data, get our Wireless Web Membership which regularly includes up-to-date wind data delivered to your cellphone -- anywhere, anytime, and with no delay!

11. Why am I not receiving Wind Alerts on my cellphone?

It appears that many cellphone companies only deliver emails when you are in their digital zone. For example, if you have an AT&T cellphone, you will generally only get emails via cellphone when you are in the AT&T digital coverage zone. Note that this does not correspond with voice reception which can switch over to roaming or analog modes.

To test our Wind Alert System, simply redirect your Wind Alert email to your traditional email address. (Do this by clicking the myAccount link toward the top of any page on our website, and then clicking on "Configure Wind Alerts".) If you do receive Wind Alert emails to your traditional email address, then you know that our system is working and that the problem is likely on the cellphone reception end of things. If this is the case, then we suggest you contact your cellphone company and have them explain their email coverage areas to you. If still no explanation is available, please note that network congestion anywhere along the long email delivery route can cause long delays in email delivery.

Best option for cellphone users is to use our Wireless Web service! Our Wireless Web service is 100% mobile, customizeable, and international. The depth of wind information that you receive through the Wireless Web blows away the necessarily more simple Wind Alert system.

12. Does the website use cookie technology?

Yes. Cookies are very tiny text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages that record your preferences. We use cookie technology to keep track of your preferences and settings on our website only, so our system can remember you when you return to our website. Our cookie is also used so you don't have to enter your username and password on every single page to access features such as real time Wind, Forecasts, Windcams, and the Discussion Forum. Our cookies cannot harm your computer and they do not contain any personal or private information. It is possible to browse our site in a very limited manner even with cookies turned off. However, we recommend setting your browser to permit the use of cookies.

If you get the message that says "It looks like your browser does not have cookies enabled!", review the following:

Here are basic instructions for turning cookie support on in the major browsers. For all other browsers please consult your documentation or online help files. If you do not know your browser version, click on help and then click the About... option.

Apple Mac Computers
Select Edit -> Preferences and scroll down until you see "Cookies" under Receiving Files. Make sure that "Never Ask" is selected.

Netscape Communicator 4.X
Choose Edit -> Preferences and click on the "Advanced" option. Select the radio button next to "Accept all cookies" and click "OK".

Netscape Navigator 3.X
Open "Network Preferences" under Options. Next click on the "Protocols" tab and ensure that the box next to "Accepting A Cookie" is unchecked.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X
Select Tools -> Internet Options and click on the "Privacy" tab. Click the
"edit" button near the bottom of the window. Type "iwindsurf.com" in the
"Address of Website" box, then click the "Allow" button. When you see
"iwindsurf.com" listed in the "Managed Web Sites" it should say "Always
Allow" next to it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.X
Select Tools -> Internet Options and click on the "Security" tab. The default selection, "Medium", supports cookies, but you can click on the "Custom Level" button to check. Scroll down until you see the word "Cookies" and verify that the radio button next to "Enable" is selected in both options.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.X
On the PC select View -> Internet Options and click on the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down until you see the word "Cookies" and verify that the radio button next to "Always accept cookies" is selected.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.X
Choose View -> Options and click on the "Advanced" tab. Make sure that "Warn before accepting a cookie" is unchecked.

13. Why do I need to log in every time? Cookie not recognized?

Some members have been reporting the need to log in to our website every time -- while in the past their username and password have been "entered for them". Quite often the problem has been traced to:
the member not having the date set correctly on their computer! Make sure that the date on your computer is set properly, otherwise your cookies may not be recognized by our system.

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